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Extend the lifespan of your favourite AV products

Bang & Olufsen products are built to last. With a build quality second to none and ongoing parts support, there isn’t another company out there which stands by it’s older products. That said there also isn’t many companies out there who’s customers wish to retain their products for as long as ours. This of course can be attributed to any one of a number of factors including the superb picture and sound quality regardless of age. Perhaps it’s the aesthetic appeal of them and the way they look within the room. Whatever the reason, with your AV system by Bang & Olfusen, we want to give you the option to retain it in top order for the future.


So whether something does eventually go wrong with your TV. Hi-Fi, Speakers or whether you choose to pre-emptively service your products, we can extend the lifespan of your products for the decades to come. We work across Central Scotland, beyond upon request as well as offering U.K clients the opportunity to send their product to us for repair or service.

Using Official Parts

As an official Bang & Olufsen repair partner we utilise official parts straight from Denmark. When your product is of this quality let's not cut any corners.

Quick Repair Time

Often if the nature of the fault can be identified then the solution can be achieved quickly so that you're not without a part of your system any longer than necessary.

An Experienced Eye

Having been a Bang & Olufsen repair specialist for many years, we're better equipped than others to get to the root of the problem.

Why service your products?

Want to address the longevity of your speakers before something goes wrong? Servicing is a great option for speakers with some miles on the clock. With elements such as the foam surround for speaker drivers being degradable in time, replacing these ever 6 years or so is advisable. Not only will it extend the life of the speaker, it’ll also keep them sounding as good as they did on day 1!

Where do we operate?

Based in Glasgow, we offer an in home repair in the central belt area where possible. We also are happy for you to send your Bang & Olufsen product to us from anywhere in the UK and we’ll repair and courier it back to you fully repaired.


In home service where appropriate in Scotland.

Workshop service available for customers UK wide

Get in touch for more details

What models do we repair?

The following list is not exhaustive but serves as an example of some of the more popular Bang & Olufsen products that people will come to us looking to have repaired. In many instances we can adapt your existing equipment to run new digital music sources and HD movie platforms.


BeoVision 7

BeoVision 10

BeoVision 11

BeoVision 12

BeoVision 14

BeoVision Avant (new gen)

Beoplay V1

BeoVision Eclipse

Audio Systems

BeoCenter 2

BeoSound 3000

BeoSound 3200

BeoSound 9000

BeoSound 5

BeoSound Moment


BeoLab 4000

BeoLab 6000

BeoLab 8000

BeoLab 3

BeoLab 9

BeoLab 5

BeoLab 17

BeoLab 18

BeoLab 20


Reconditioning Remotes

Upgrading to HD

Upgrading to Digital Music

Official parts & years of expertise, get in touch today